Common Questions

0020_Stone-Parmeter-XLarge-20120630Here are answers to commonly asked questions to help you understand how our wedding coverage works. If you have any questions that are not covered here, get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your needs and any questions you might have.

Will you have a 2nd photographer or assistant with you on our wedding day?

Our coverage packages include two photographers. We believe this is essential for wedding coverage for several reasons. It allows us to fully cover your event from multiple points of view. We can capture not only the action, but also the reaction. We also act as backups to each other and provide a different perspectives. Having two photographers allows us to capture the preparations for your wedding while you are apart.

When will our coverage start and end?

Every wedding day is different, but our packages include 6, 10, or unlimited hours of coverage based on your needs.  We’ll work with you to set up a schedule to cover your wedding day from getting ready through to the reception. Extra coverage is available, both in advance and on the day.

How will we receive our proofs and how long will it take to receive them? If my parents want prints, will I have to collect the orders? How long will we have access to them?

A couple of days after your wedding you will receive a preview of 6-10 wedding photographs posted to our blog and facebook page. Your full proofs will be delivered online through a gallery that will allow you, your family, and guests to view them.

Proofs are typically available 3 to 5 weeks after your wedding. Anyone who wants to order prints will be able to order them online through the gallery. Proofs will stay online for 3 months after they’re released.  If your coverage package includes the high resolution images, you’ll receive those approximately 3 months after your wedding or when your album (if included) is completed.

Do you include our files on a DVD and who owns the copyright to the images?

High resolution digital files on a DVD are available and are included in any package that includes an album.

Copyright of all photographs remains with Joe Foley Photography. If you purchase the high resolution files or receive them along with an album you’ll receive a license for personal home use that allows you to make prints for personal use and home display for you and your family.

Do I get all the photographs you take on our wedding day?  How much editing enhancement do the images receive?  Do I get the “RAW” images?

The images you’ll receive through our online proofing system will have been edited to remove images that do not meet our quality standards.  This includes removal of out of focus or poorly exposed images and selection of the best images from sequences of similar images.

All of the images that you receive will have received adjustments to white balance, exposure, and contrast as well as stylistic enhancements to make them consistent with our style.  About a quarter to a third of the photographs will be converted to black and white.

For 10-hour wedding coverage clients typically receive 700-900 photographs.

“RAW” or unedited images are not available.

How do you backup and protect our wedding photographs?

Once your wedding is complete, the memory cards from our cameras are downloaded one of our laptops and to an external hard drive. Once we’ve returned to our office, your images are then added to our central archive which is backed up locally and to a cloud based provider. Until the images have been added to our central archive the memory cards and external hard drive are kept in separate locations. Finally, once your images are delivered, a copy of the final images is retained by our gallery hosting provider even after the gallery has expired.

Will we have a contract?

Yes, we always have a contract that spells out all of the terms and conditions of coverage.

What is required to reserve our wedding day?

To reserve your wedding day we need a signed contract and a 40% retainer.